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Own Your Own Plane

I learned to fly at a small country airport, earning a Private Pilot License before graduating from college. I continued my career in the United States Air Force, first flying front line fighters in combat and later transport airplanes in the Reserves. I logged over 1300 hours in the fighters shown here, including 835 hours of combat time, as well as nearly 2000 hours in the four-engine C-5, also here shown.

While flying for 25 years in the Reserves, I was employed, full time, as a corporate chief pilot. I have flown all the aircraft shown in the display on this page as well as many others. My total flight time is over 18000 hours, mostly spent in management and training positions. For a look at what flying these corporate type jets was like, click the image below.


I have purchased small single engine airplanes and I have been responsible for the purchase of and outfitting of large multi-engine international jets. These backgrounds give me a unique ability to help you purchase and or outfit any type or size airplane you may desire. Through my connections in the industry, I can save you tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase of a small personal airplane and literally millions of dollars on the purchase of a personal or corporate jet airplane. I can also find, hire and see to the training of professional pilots and maintenance technicians to staff your airplane if you so desire.

Shared Ownership Plan

I have developed a Business Plan for shared ownership of high performance single and/or multi engine airplanes for highly qualified pilots. Please let me know if this idea is appealing to you.

A Personal Flight Education

If you are not currently flying, but want to learn to be the pilot of your own new or used airplane, as an FAA Certified Flight and Ground School Instructor, I can teach you to fly the way the Air Force taught me to fly. In this endeavor, I intend to engage clients that can afford high performance single and multi-engine aircraft by themselves. We will start very inexpensively, renting a light airplane, to determine the client’s basic aptitude for piloting.

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If qualified to continue, clients will purchase a sport bi-plane or similar type aircraft. We will use this to teach precision landings, spins and spin preventions, precision acrobatics, tail wheel airplane handling, cross wind landings and take offs, emergency engine out landings, cross-country navigation, traffic patterns and ground reference maneuvers. My customers will obtain their Private Pilot License in these type airplanes.

Next, clients will move on to high performance, advanced technology, airplanes. In this phase, I will teach the basics of instrument, night, all weather, and high density airport area operations. 

After that, based on customer desires, will come twin engine reciprocating or even turbo prop airplanes. If a customer wants to move on to the purchase of any size jet, that training will initially be done by factory certified facilities with follow on training by myself. By this time, the client would need to employ professional pilots to act as their co-pilot where needed. I can find those professionals.

Over the years, many of the senior executives I carried would walk to the cockpit and chat. I cannot tell how many times I heard, "I always wanted to fly. When I had the time, I didn't have the money and now that I have the money, I don't have the time."

My students, who buy their own airplane, will be folks who “have the money, but not the time”. We will work out schedules so training is available when and, within a reasonable distance, where they are available.  We may, at the client’s request, consider having co-owned airplanes with other individuals. I know how to handle the legal and regulatory requirements that establishing that type of cost sharing organization would entail. I have the knowledge and experience to purchase your airplanes and see that they are maintained. We will NOT charter your airplanes. Please use the email address given to make contact. Use the subject line “My Airplane.”